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Premium lubricants and motor oils have advantages for many types of businesses. The superior products are made by our blending technique, which combines the best base oils with cutting-edge additive technologies. We provide several different industries with lubricants of the highest caliber.

The automotive, commercial transportation, manufacturing, construction, mining, maritime, and agricultural industries all make use of the developed product range. A wide range of lubricants are available, such as hydraulic oils, diesel engine and motor oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, antifreezes, and other specific items.

The first blending facility opened its doors more than thirty years ago. These days, the ideally located in Miami, Florida-based Blending and Distribution facility produces all of the products.

Industrial lubricant, or motor oil, is a multi-ingredient mixture. Every product is designed to meet industry standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

To surpass customer performance requirements, Miami Oil Company’s Custom Blending department may develop special and distinctive compositions. Our blending experts collaborate with you to create new products, modify current products, or assist you in selecting a product from our current range of lubricants in order to satisfy your market demands. We’ll package your specially blended product in the way you want. Options for packaging include bulk, keg, drum, totes, and pails. Additionally, private labeling can be set up. Miami Oil Company will help you export your custom blended product worldwide or deliver it locally after it has been produced and packaged.

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